5 books every modern feminist should read

1. The Golden Notebook - Doris Lessing

Doris Lessings would have been quite agitated, were she alive today and reading this. Finding the book listed as a feminist manifesto wouldn't have been a new experience for her but one she was firmly rebelling agains.
I wouldn't call the book a feminist manifesto, rather a vunerable chronica of women's lifes in the 50s and 60s, being thorn apart between the confinement of their gender and the drive for liberation and independence. 
Seeing the world trough the lenses of her main character Anna Wolf you enter a world of deep emotianal trauma following the aftermath of WW2, comunisam and rasisam. During times of extreme sexisam and homofobia.

2. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom- Christine Northrup M.D.

Real liberation starts when we take control of our own bodies.
It is easy to forget that women's bodies were seen as properties by others usually the father or the husband, for a large part of modern history!
During the 90s' there is noone who guided women better to look deeply into and discover their own bodies then Dr. Northrup.
This book  gives women the knowledge and permission to flourish at any stage of their life. Heeling both the physical and emotional the book is filled with depths of wisdom and practical knowledge and information.

3. Tracks - Robyn Davidson

Female travel memoirs before the feminist revolution are especially fascinating to read. It is such a practical rebellion against gender norms.
Although Robyn Davidson journey happened later on in the 70s it still left a mark in the encyclopedia of adventures by creating the first woman to cross the Australian desert. Robyn's journey was a magnificent one not only in terms of landscape but also in the inner dialogue it created in her and which she so eloquently and vividly presents in the book.

4. A room of ones own - Virginia Woolf

I do hope this is a book I don't have to tell you about because it is an absolute pillar in women liberation and the fight for gender equality. It is short, captivating essay where Woolf explores the issue of female education and an opportunity to provide for herself.

5. Women who run with wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

There is no book that describes better the inner workings of the female psyche then this one. It is really about reclaiming the wild, untamed female spirit and diving deeper into ones own creativity and passion in life. The book will take you on an inner journey and encourage you to discover the feminine superpowers we all carry within!

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