About Bare Origin

Our Story

Bare Origin is a story of re-connection between oneself and the Earth. We use 100% raw and transparently sourced ingredients that are collected directly from each source. We believe that each skin care ritual is a sacred communion of body, spirit and nature.

To create our products we use wild-harvested, high vibrational botanicals that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. By strategically formulating and learning from different cultures around the world we have created a range of oils that will enhance and restore your skin's natural radiance. Let your skin care ritual be a celebration of the miracle that is you. 

Our Values

We strive to source the highest quality ingredients with full transparency.

Transparency has been so important to us from the very beginning of our journey. Knowing where and how our products are made is at the forefront of everything we do. We buy all of our ingredients from cooperatives and small family run businesses located across the world. Each ingredients carries a story of hope and opportunity for the small communities we buy from. From farm to face we can safely say we will never use chemicals or additives in any of our products. 

From the Founder

Bare Origin was born of a desire to share the treasures of my bathroom cabinet with the rest of the world.



I love traveling and wherever I go I am always curious to learn about ingredients the locals have been using traditionally to promote radiance and wellbeing. Inside out and outside in. Bare Origin is inspired by these travels - from Jordan to Hawaii.

Sourcing the ingredients with transparency was important to me because I wanted to bring the stories behind their production in front of the public eye, so we can understand the hard-work and dedication that goes into making them as well as the environmental risks our natural resources are facing due to climate changes.

Bare Origin is a story of love and dedication and a journey of re-connection to oneself and the roots.