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"Harmful ingredients or not, the mainstream beauty industry basically consists of wealthy men who make even more money by making women feel insecure about the way they look. We have very little knowledge about how their products are produced, and even when they use the best ingredients we don’t know how much of the good stuff is actually in there. So I said a not-so-silent “fuck you” to the cosmetics isle and went bananas creating my own eco-luxury skincare products at home."

-Anna, (@anna_makes_skincare aka Hudvårdsverkstan)

Here is an overview of what you will find in this book and why you should grab your FREE copy at once!

The idea of the book is to dimistify DIY skincare and show you how easy and simple it actually is!

And why is this important?

Anna's quote above summurize it pritty well, but besides this something really empowering happens when you make your own body lotion or face oil and that's the power of creation. When you create something, an immense satisfaction comes with holding the final product in your hand. Have you ever baked a cake and felt so proud of it? It is the exact same thing! DIY skincare is especially important because for a very long time we've been told that making our own skincare is beyond our ability to comprehand and we must always rely on others to make our skincare products for us! Well, turns out, this is not exactly true! Just like food, learing to make your own skincare is a process and one everyone can learn, granted you have an interest for it. 

So, we've composed 10 (with a few variations on some of them) product recepies, covering the whole spectrum of selfcare. We start with a cleanising oil, cleansing powder, face oils, face masks,hydrating gel, body scrub, bath salts and finally a lip and body balm.

The recepies cover the different processes of skincare creation like mixing, melting and suspension. We will tell you exactlly what equpment you need for each of them.

We also tell you a bit about the different ingredients their origins, history, characteristics and benefits so you can learn more about the botanicals you will be using.

And finally, in the book you will find simple selfcare rituals you can easily practice at home, that will hopefully inspire you to take the time and nourish yourself. 

Hope you will enjoy reading and using the book as much as we've enjoyed writing it!
Nena & Anna

This book is co-sponsored by Bare Origin and Hudvårdverkstan. A special thank you to our friends Rhona McDade and Linn Beyerböck for photos and layout!

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