I discovered the Lip Love balms at my yoga studio in Stockholm and it was an instant crush. I rarely find that perfect balance of hard/soft consistency and aroma in a lip balm so I was immediately curious to meet the person behind. I invited Caroline for a cup of tea and after hearing her story I was clear why the universe connected us. We share a similar background of quitting our corporate jobs and going on an entrepreneurial journey which tightly interrelated with our path of finding truth in our work and lifes. Here is how it all started for her...
all photos by Agnes Falk

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey and how Lip Love came about?

My background is in product design. As a child, I dreamed about being a designer and creating products that would save the world. It all turned out different though. I ended up working as a product designer in a large company, designing things with no meaning, no awareness of sustainability or quality. The lack of consciousness about what we were birthing to the world in form of new objects and the consumerism behavior around it made me sick. My love for design slowly turned into disgust. I longed for a deeper purpose. So, I quit my job without knowing what I would do next but knowing I wanted something else. 
I had no plan on starting a business or selling lip balms. I feel it all just happened. I think it started when I read about mineral oils and especially about what petroleum jelly is. (it is a byproduct from the oil industry. It was discovered as the thick grease found around the bottoms of the oil rigs in the 1800th. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil clogs the pores and interfere with the skin’s natural tallow production.) This was shocking to me. And even more so - 95% off all makeup and product on the shelves contain mineral oils. From this, I decided to try and make my own 100% natural lip balm.

How did you create the first products, what inspired you to use certain ingredients?

I started reading about DIY skin care, oils and waxes and the benefits of pure essential oils. I always had problems with dry and sensitive skin, especially during the cold and very dry Swedish winters. So my choice of ingredients were the ones that would work for dry and sensitive skin.
I created the first Lip Love of almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and different essential oils. The process was so fun, satisfying and empowering! Now I know what I put on my lips not blindly trusting the industry just wanting to sell for the profit, without caring for me or the planet (I knew that mindset far too well from my time in the corporate world).

Why is natural beauty important to you? 

I see the skin as our mouth. What we put on it will go into the body just as when we eat something. And I wouldn’t eat chemicals.

What's your definition of beauty?

Wow, good question! Beauty can be so many things! For me, I think beauty is very connected to harmony and balance. Harmony of colors, shape, feelings, movement… But also contrast! Nature is such a big source of harmony for me and there I also see endless beauty. 

What inspires you and what do you dream about? 

I’m inspired by people who dare to go their own way. Fierce and unexpected women who shine in their truth, not caring what others think. I also get very inspired by beautiful design, objects, places, and art. The play of color and shapes in pure simplicity or unexpected meetings.
 I dream about creating change, helping people. With Lip Love, I am creating something that I feel 150% good about. I can truly say that I would love all women (and men) to buy and use this product. This would make the world a little better and the lips of all those people much happier!

What are some of the challenges and lessons learned with being a female entrepreneur?

When I started to work with my own business, both as a designer, yoga teacher and with Lip Love I had to re-invent my way of working. This has been an inner and outer journey. In our society, the “masculine” way of working - linear, striving, structured, efficient and very goal-oriented is what is encouraged. This is what most of us are programmed to do. Men and women. In my transition - going from employed to entrepreneur I feel I have reclaimed my feminine essence and way of working. Now I live/work in a way much more aligned to who I am as a creative and women! And wow, that feels so good!
What I found is that for me, it is not optimal to try and be very structured and goal-oriented. First I was looking down at myself for not managing this, but then I came to the realization that I work in another way! For me, when I can work free and spontaneous, without too many strict goals, deadlines or schedules, but rather going with the flow and following my intuition and lust for what I do - this is when my creativity, flow, ambition, efficiency and joy sparks! So lesson learned for me has been a lot about breaking old patterns and finding my own new way of working. And I think this is one of the best things with being my own boss - I can decide :) 

What is the future you want to see and live in?

I would love to see a future of pure love and harmony, haha that sounds so cheesy. I would love to live in a world that is a peaceful place, where we respect each other, the Earth, and where love is always conquering fear.



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