Origin stories: Pure Argan Oil

For hundreds of years argan oil has been used traditionally by the berber people of North Africa to heal and protect the skin from harsh mountain and desert climate. Its amazing properties are well known today. Just browse the net and you will see exactly why this oil is called "the liquid gold".

And though we hear a lot about the potency of pure argan oil, finding a good quality argan is easier said then done! So during March 2016, our founder, Nena, spent a few weeks searching the outskirts of Essouira for the best argan oil producer.

What we were looking for: dedication to quality, owned by a woman (many cooperatives are owned by man, even though they appear otherwise), good working conditions for the women. 


Finally we found the perfect one! A cooperative located in a small village outside Essaouira, owned by our friend Hasna and managed by Khadija.

Growing up in Essaouira, Hasna has not only been surrounded with argan oil her whole life but her parents have an olive oil production factory where she learned a lot about the business.

She established her cooperative 10 years ago and her work has taken her next to the Moroccan minister of agriculture during several argan oil conferences. Hasna is a young entrepreneurial woman and a true inspiration!

All we have learned about the quality and importance of argan oil comes from her and the women working there, and we are honored to give back to her cooperative that employees 40 women from the village providing them with decent pay which enables their independence and a chance to send their children to school.




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Life is short, and this article saved valubale time on this Earth.

Cordelia December 21, 2016

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