My clean travel essentials

As you might know my passion for "gold mining" the best natural ingredients has taken me around the globe. Today more often then not I am either on or on my way to, a flight, bus, train or in a car. Two things are essential to succeed survive with the lifestyle I have
- Packing optimally (still learning)
- Choosing some kick-ass stuff to take on the road with me
So here are six smart things you will find in my travel bag at the moment

1. Bare Origin - Rose Argan Oil 
I am often asked to list my favourite Bare Origin oil, as if that was easy. But if I have to pick one I would say that the Rose Argan Oil is the current favourite.
The aroma of roses calms me down and brings back some beautiful memories from the rose valley in Morocco. 
I have a confession to make, I do tend to feel naked without red lips. Maybe because I am dark haired but I just feel like red lips boost my outfit (and confidence).
Tata Harper (an inspiration and muse) has created this multi purpose, completely toxic free, tint which btw smells divine and has been my favourite and in my bag for a while. I bought this tint while on a trip in Vienna at a cute little natural skin-care store, Just Green Things which you should definitely check out if you are in town.

3. Hurraw - Chocolate lip balm
If I don't get my daily dose of chocolate internally I make sure to apply it externally.   This lip balm fulfils my chocolate cravings and protects my lips from dry air, sun and wind. I call it a win-win.

4. Dr.Organic - Aloe Vera Deodorant
Ok, the story is I started using deodorant just recently. I've never felt the need to use one and I usually don't if I am just going into town, but you don't want to make people sitting next to you on a long flight or a bus ride suffer. I adore the smell of this deodorant. It is parabens, SLS and aluminium free and contains no artificial colours or fragrances. It comes in a 50ml package, perfect to take in your carry on.

5. Organic India - Tulsi Original tea + Mushroom hot cacao mix with cordyceps
Don't you just hate how expensive and boring the drinks at airports and stations are.
So I have learned to trick the system.
I always carry my thermos with me and would go into a cafe and just ask for hot water. Then I make an infusion with one of these drink.
If I travel in the morning and need to keep my energy levels up I steer in the mushroom (psychedelic free :)) cocoa mix. 
During afternoons I make myself a calming tulsi infusion. A plant very close to my heart and known to strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.

6. DIY body butter
And finally one thing I always carry with me, to ease my extremely dry skin is a body butter which I have usually whipped myself. Creating body butters is my favourite hobby. I variate between a base of shea butter (I get fantastic ethical shea butter from my friends at Mino Collective), coconut or cacao butter to which I add different oils (argan, rose hip, apricot, hemp, avocado) and essential oils (depending on the aroma I prefer in that moment). But one recipe that has been my favourite for a while is this amazing cream I created for my friend Natalie's blog 


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"An amazing brand and even more amazing products, the wild rosehip oil is the best and most pure one I've tried and love using it with the linden flower toner, it makes my skin so happy!! Highly recommend"

- Jillian O'Riley