Rose Argan Oil

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Pure, cold-pressed argan oil extracted from wild-harvested argan nuts and infused with essential rose oil, that's it!

Infused with the heart-opening aroma of essential rose oil this calms down and reduces stress levels. Besides enjoying all the benefits of the argan oil the essential rose oil helps your skin heal and rejuvenate. Together with argan oil this aromatic formula enhances the elasticity of your skin unlike anything else you have tried! Argan is rich in E-vitamin increasing skin-elasticity, reducing wrinkles & stretch-marks and helps heal cuts and sun burns. High amounts of the lipid squalene, very close to our natural squalene production, is the reason why it is so easily absorbed. Squalene supports cell regeneration and oxidation, helping the skin retain its youth! High amounts of essential fatty acids make argan oil very beneficial for the hair, quickly restoring split and damaged hair.

Ideal as body oil and can be used as face oil as well. Pour a small amount in your palms and apply gently on your skin in circular motions after showering or skin-brushing.
Apply it on your hair before going to bed and wash in the morning.
Massage the oil in your palms and run trough your hair after washing while your hair is still wet.
Can be used as shaving and after shaving oil.
Use it on your skin if sun burned or to help heal cuts and wounds.

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