Bare Origin + Hudvårdsverkstan = natural DIY skincare ebook out January 2018

collage by @basically_martinsCollage by @basically_martins

Excited to share some big news with you all!

We have teamed up with Anna aka Hudvårdverkstan to create something really special!

Free yourself from the bondages of a "beauty" industry that creates and feeds on our insecurities (quote by the smart Anna) and use skincare products that are truly luxurious and natural, where you control the quantity and quality of each ingredient in them.

YES, we are creating a natural DIY skincare ebook for all the rebel women out there! 
Anna will be in charge of formulating 10 magical, potent, pure, functional, luxurious skincare recipes! Her knowledge bank is immense so expect miracles!
In the book we will set the base for DIY natural skincare so you have a firm ground to stand on and feel 100% comfortable with turning your kitchen into a lab!
We will also share simple home spa rituals, information on different natural ingredients and much more!

It will be such a beautiful, smart artefact to possess, with educational content and visual orgasams! (You know I-l-l-looove colours!) 
The best part - THE BOOK WILL BE FREE because you can't put a price tag on a REVOLUTION!
If everything goes according to our humble plan the book will be out January 2018!
Take control, be empowered, be free!

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