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As a Macedonian who has been globe trotting for the last 10 years it was about time I reconnect to my roots to feel the warmth and (excuse me) pride in being from this hidden Eastern European gam. Smilevo, a village situated idyliclly under the montains in west Macedonia is not only an important historical site, but also the home for some amzaing traditional clothing garments, see for yourself

On topic, feminisam and the fight for gender equality is alive and kicking even in the Balkans (known for its predominat patriarchal culture) where Tiiiit! Inc. is once again organizing the festival for feminist culture 18-21 of May in Skopje, Macedonia. And I would easilly print this poster to hang it on my wall, please?

One can always daydream about new adventures even while on the road, right? I mean what's the point of being "in the moment" when I can take myself to even more amazing places trough my imagination *wink*. Well this spot Beit Douma, in Lebanon is what I like to day dream about. The guest house is a beautiful story about preservation of heritage and merging tradition and modern comfort. This view only adds positively to the equasion. My bags are ready!

Remember those diy body butters I always talk about. Well if it wasn't for Mino Collective's shea butter it would be harder to create them. Thank god for Hadija and her premium quality fair-trade sourced shea butter from Benin and may we continue indulging in them forever and ever. Amen!

I love all things superfood and satchets. Why don't companies have travel sizes/satches of everything. I think we who are nomads are excluded from the comfort of society? I respect Four Sigmatic for giving me the luxury of carring powerful adaptogenic muschrooms in my pocket. Lion's mane FTW!


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