Current obsessions

My long time health guru and inspiration, Cecilia Davidsson from Curlyfood just released her (if I am not mistaken) first cookbook and I am so addicted to browsing trough it.
I got the book as a gift from my dearest friend Manel who runs this awesome company Yammo which you should definitely check out.
My goal is simple, to make every recipe from this book!
(unfortunately the book is available only in Swedish)

The artwork or Michelle aka Whyslosangeles - wow, just wow! Thank you for your divine drawings, please let us know where we can get one?!?

Took a class with Lisa aka Balearic yoga on a rooftop during a sunset in Taghazout, Morocco. Balearic is based in Ibiza and takes you to secret outdoor location around the island for their yoga sessions, I mean - who wouldn't want to do a yoga class in a dome for example! 

The Story of the Desert Rose - the film, is now out and I am so grateful for the response so far. Did you see it? Did you like it? Did I manage to bring the magic of the roses to you? 

This raw, vegan cake my friend the magician Erika from Front Raw did for Bare Origin's release party in Stockholm, yum! Erika, can we do it all over again, please!!! :)

What are some of your current obsessions? Please let me know in the comments bellow. :) <3 


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