Awaken the goddess within

Awaken the goddess

We live in times when the (wild) feminine is suppressed. Not only in females but in the soul of our brothers as well. This creates an enormous imbalance into our inner and outer environment. But luckily tides are changing and everything from the Women's March Movement to other initiatives show that time is coming to awaken the divine feminine. Here are a few tools that have helped me contact, nourish and express my inner goddess.

Food Grown Anti Oxidant Boost - Wild Nutrition Basically a life saver during my travels this anti oxidant boost shows some visible results, I can promise you that. I love the fact that all these vitamins and minerals are herbal extracts and food grown instead of synthetic.

Organic Jewlery (on the photo: Mermaid Shell Earrings in Copper, Hawaii Blue Patina, Brass w/14k gold filled handmade hooks) I met Bethlehem a few years ago at a Christmas fair in New York and her art stole my heart. I managed to get a pair of earrings from her collection and they are my most precious jewellery possession. All her jewellery is upcykled and needless to say, magical. Her online store is on its way, until ready check her out on Instagram

Women who run with wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes  Mildly put this book transformed my life. With the help of Jung's idea of archetype Dr. Estes transforms ancient myths and tales into guiding spirits, leading the way towards awakening! Just read it!

Rose Argan Oil - Bare Origin the most sensual flower of them all, the queen, the ROSE. She has been used for centuries to open the inner portals of love, passion and romance. I have carefully sourced the purest, truest steam distilled rose oil to infuse my argan oil with. This is really a gateway to ultimate self love!

Beautifying hazelnut cookie dough with medicinal mushroom powderVibrant and pure Just absolutely adore this portal, from its visuals to its message. A few bites of these medicinal mushroom cookies will enrich your inner god and goddess at once.

What are some of your favourite tools to nourish yourself with? Tell me in the comments bellow?


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"An amazing brand and even more amazing products, the wild rosehip oil is the best and most pure one I've tried and love using it with the linden flower toner, it makes my skin so happy!! Highly recommend"

- Jillian O'Riley