Inner Move and Balance - Embodied Flow™ experts share their practice and upcoming retreat

When you find your own organic movement through your body it creates a wave that ripples through your system. It supports you to re-connect to yourself so you can express what you really feel and what you really need. This we call Inner Move and Balance.

The mindful moving duo that consist of Lina and Margôt aka Down on Earth offers retreats in Europe focusing on yoga, meditation and a good relationship to yourself.
This summer we are teaming up with them and sponsoring their retreat in Portugal. All participants will get a Bare Origin goodie bag with selected items!
Let them take care of your inner balance and us of your oughted.
But before you open a new tab and start booking, step into their world!
They share some guidelines on how you can start with meditation, how yoga changed their life and also more about their upcoming retreat in Portugal this June.

Down on Earth, how come?
We wanted to create a name that describes who we are and what we stand for. Down on Earth is where we are and we are down to earth in our way of teaching and moving in the world. For us, it is the inner connection we aim for and to attain that we practice and offer natural, authentic movement and breathing. Lina and Margôt met during their Body Module training in Embodied Flow™ a couple of years ago in Mallorca. They share the interest in Mindful Movement and they believe that Embodied Flow™ is a fantastic way to start exploring the inner landscape of the body-mind in communication. In this conversation between mind and body we can meet ourselves with more clarity and awareness.

This is a continuous Flow and path that we keep walking, and that starts from embodiment. How can I land fully in my own body and sit with all that is and not run off into the mind. When we allow ourselves to be present with ourselves we get clarity.

We strongly feel connected with this style of Yoga that we also call the living art of yoga and we are more then happy and grateful to teach and share the knowledge and love that we both felt and received from our teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons.

The living art of yoga for us means that we take the yoga off the mat. We are not interested in fancy poses, if they are not filled with the full expression of you.

What does yoga and meditation means to you?

Lina ~ Embodied Flow™ really opened up my eyes to relationship, how I relate to myself and others. In the end of the day, it is all we got, how we relate and feel about ourselves, what we tell ourselves and what we decide to believe in.

Doing yoga and meditation regularly gives me a clear mind and strong body to use in my everyday life, for work, home, kids. It creates a flow in my life so I can more easily flow past small stuff and not get stuck in emotions that can take me off course. For me it creates a feeling of stability, a clarity of moving through life.

How did it change your life?

Margôt ~ For me the moment I followed my first Embodied Flow™ 200h Training there was a deeper intimate connection to connect back to source. From embodiment and from moving from inside out. I have my background in the professional dance field and Bachelor in Dance and teaching and been my whole life moving and working with my body...but because of hard discipline and high demands I lost connection to myself. I never lost the joy of moving, but I lost identity. Since I met Embodied Flow™ I am on a big journey where I start to listen again deeply to my intuition and allowing the authentic me move again.

Favorite yoga/meditation, app/online platform

Our platform we love the must is Yoga Glo. Our Teacher Tara Judelle is there with her incredible classes and other favorite teachers. For the mediation [tantra philosophy] we highly recommend Sally Kempton.

Please share a simple meditation practice

~ Sit comfortably, use pillows to sit higher and to support your knees if needed and support your back by simply using the wall with a cushion.

When sitting comfortably, close your eyes and breath out, really empty yourself. Soften the belly so you can breath in, and do it all over again, empty out and fill up. See if you can get some space between upper and lower jaw, soften shoulders and hips. Allow your skin to soften, like a permeable layer. Stay with your breathing and explore it. Where does it start, where does it end.

When new to the practice, the beginner will become distraught and have little frustrations. Don't give up!

In order to know how you are right now, you have to come back into your body, sitting still and feeling the breath. Breath by breath, you will find yourself descending from this busy cacophony of imagination into the quiet inner Movement of the self.

What can people expect from the retreat you are organising in Portugal?

This path into moving and listening what we really need is our main focus during this yoga retreat. We take time to connect back to our own body. When we allow ourselves to be present, a process starts and we connect with nature, which brings us to a deeper body-mind wisdom.

Restore and find your balance with us on this beautiful quiet place in the Portuguese mountains. Away from work and stimulation of everyday life you can take a step back to listen more carefully what you really need, from where we are in life.

Coming to this retreat will reboot you physically in the form of being in nature and eat nourishing food. We have a great chef that is making incredible food from local fresh products.

We offer Embodied Flow™ yoga practice, meditation, breathing techniques and self-care. There is also a lot of Free time besides the program, you will have lots of opportunities to relax and take time for yourself. Let the content of the lessons sink in, explore your inner self, and experience nature.

We also offer shiatsu, thai massage, reiki and other private sessions since Lina is working as a body therapist since 2005.


We must ask about your skincare rituals, please share your routine and what you swear by?

Lina ~ I always appreciate a good face cream, cleaner, mask. I got interested in this way back in the 80’s when my mum ordered stuff from France in beautiful bottles. It was very exciting. As a young adult I was always in search of the cleanest, best skincare. As things evolved, we all got more conscious about what we put in and on our body and the supply became larger. I now only use cold pressed ecological oils for my face and body. Oils both cleans and nourishes.

Margôt ~ I also learned from my mum to take good care of my skin special the face. Both my mum and me have been on stage she as professional Opera Singer and me as a Dancer. You can image we used a lot of make-up on stage. To always clean your face is so important and never go to bed with make-up.

I moved to Copenhagen in 2011 where I started to consider much better products and natural ingredients. Scandinavia has some good brands. I always look that my eye remover and day and night cremes are free of parabens, free of fragrance, free of silicone…

A daily use Cream foam cleanser suitable for sensitive skin.

We both love Bare Origin's  Pure Argan oil and Rosehip seed oil that heals and nourishes the skin.

Read more about Lina & Margôt and their upcoming retreat on their

& find them on Instagram


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