The scent we hold on to

A stroll trough memory lane and you are bound to bump into a smell that brings back emotions. A scent is a powerful tool that gets integrated into our neurones. It becomes a part of us and transports us trough time and space. I love beautiful scents. In my food, on my body, in my home. Here are some of my favourite!

Grapefruit essential oil - essential oils are my comfort and escape. I use them for everything to lift my mood, clear my space, tend a mosquito bite and ease a headache. One I always have at hand is grapefruit. I find the smell of grapefruit universal, it can be energising or calming, cooling and warming. It is a smell that lives in paradoxes. Grapefruit oil goes very well with my rose hip seed oil, so what I would do sometimes is add a few drops to my bottle of rose hip. 

Blanche by Byredo - there is no way to describe the effect this perfume has on me! I am not sure Blanche is a 100% clean perfume and I don't really mind (this is how bad my addiction to it is!) If you ever come across it (me) you will understand why!

Sage - I use it everywhere! Before meditation to clear my mind. In a hotel room to clear my space. At home after a long travel to ground myself. It is a powerful tool for an energy reset in every sense.

Organic Aromas diffuser  - these diffusers are game changers. 

Saffron - the golden spice! My travel to the Moroccan valley of saffron was the highlight of 2016. Holding a saffron flower  in my hand was for sure a surreal experience. Of course I came back home with boxes of pure saffron and there hasn't been a morning that I haven't started with a pinch of saffron in something!

What is your favourite scent? Tell me in the comments bellow


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